Friday, April 08, 2011

Number 926

"Got a whale of a tale to tell you, lads..."

In Pappy's #871 I posted a classic Wally Wood movie satire from EC Comics' Panic #2, written by Al Feldstein. Here's another from Wood's brush and pen, "20,000 Leaks Under the Sea," a satire of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," a popular 1954 Disney live action movie. I saw the movie on its first release, and have seen it a half dozen times since. I think it's one of the best from that studio, with some great effects and fine casting. I'm especially fond of James Mason's performance as the tormented Captain Nemo...but I digress.

Jack Mendelsohn wrote the parody. Mendelsohn has had several careers, as television and animation writer (Laugh-In and Jay Ward cartoons, for example). He even wrote and drew one of the most creative comic strips ever, "Jackys Diary," which appeared to be drawn by a 6-year-old, and signed "by Jacky Mendelsohn, age 32 1/2."

Mendelsohn's parody of this movie is pretty sharp, and he keeps the jokes coming. And, of course there's the Wallace Wood artwork...what's not to like?

From Panic #11, 1954:


Mr. Karswell said...

haha, classic...

Unca Jeffy said...

Wood is good! That's MY mantra.

Pappy said...

Karswell, are men of class, discernment and excellent taste.

Kirk said...

I thinks he's better known, or at least more celebrated, for his science-fiction work, but I prefer Wood as a humorist. But then, I tend to prefer humor, anyway.

Booksteve said...

And don't forget Mendelsohn's other submarine connection--he is also one of the credited authors of the Beatles movie, YELLOW SUBMARINE.

Particularly great scans on this one, sir. Going to plug the post on my Wally Wood blog.