Monday, April 04, 2011

Number 924

Shores of the West

Syd Shores, one of the best bullpen artists for the Timely/Marvel group in the late '40s, did this Two-Gun Kid strip in Best Western #58, from 1949. Best Western lasted two issues, #58 and #59, then became Western Outlaws and Sheriffs.

The Atlas Tales site says that John Severin had something to do with this story, but what? No one knows.

I'm also including a page from the Marvel Comic Group "editors" in defense of comic books against the groups which were rallying at the time to clean up the comics. I especially like the line, "The grown-ups of this world owe you young people an apology, because we haven't made the world a very secure and peaceful place in which to live." As we used to say in the '60s, that's heavy, man.

I'm also enclosing the ad for the Wolf Ring because it reminds me of a story one of my female coworkers told me. When she was a young girl, in the mid-1950s, her mother's sole sex education talk to her was to "watch out for wolves." Wolves? She thought. Like the wolf in "Little Red Riding Hood"? Her mother didn't explain, just further admonished her: "Stay away from wolves."

I'm sure that if a wolf had approached her she might have been able to recognize him had he been wearing this $2.98 "solid Sterling Silver Wolf Ring", available from Western Craftsmen in Omaha, Nebraska.


Jeff Overturf said...

I've got $2.98 burning a hole in my pocket!

Pappy said...

Jeffy, I'd give more than $2.98 for this ring; I wonder if any still exist anywhere? That's a question I ask about cool products advertised in comics.

I want a Lone Ranger and Trigger lamp, too!

Tamfos said...

"Thumb out his eyes!"

Man, do I love Shores. Thanks, Pap!

Michael Wurl said...

I cannot imagine what Severin had to do with that story...maybe sharpened Syd's pencils? Eh...

When will the ugly, pot-bellied, loud-mouthed, unshaven outlaws ever wise up and stop trusting the square-jawed, athletic, clean-shaven handsome gunslingers? "Hey, he's really a good guy!"
Great story, great post, Pap!

Guabal said...

If anyone has one of these rings I will pay $100.00 text to 573-239-2264