Monday, April 11, 2011

Number 928

Sally's Saddle Sadness

I've got a thing about cowgirls. I told about the origin of my special cowgirl lust in Pappy's #667 in January of last year.

Annie Oakley was a backup character in Tessie the Typist Comics. This particular opus comes from Tessie #19, 1948, artist unknown, but Annie has pinned a target over my heart. I'd kiss her, even with her mustache.


Karswell said...

Whoa Nelly! Now I got a thing for cowgirls too Pappy, especially so since seeing this post! Love those big eyes and curves... some of the art touches remind me of Everett a bit, the semi-realism and cartoony combined perfectly. This is a genre I need to look more into!

Jeff Overturf said...

Yup! That thar moustachio wouldn't slow me down one bit either, Pappy!


Not sure who drew this, but them wimmens is gosh-durned cute!

Not exactly historically accurate in the approach, now is it? The real Annie Oakley wasn't a blonde nor quite as feminine as this li'l gal, as she was famous more for her shooting skills rather than her beauty (though if ya spent all winter herdin' doggies, ya might take a hankerin ta ol' Mannie, er I mean Annie!

Fun stuff and nice art!
Thanks, Pappy!

darkmark90 said...

Don't know how many Tessie appearances Annie Oakley had, but she had her own four-issue comic from Timely as a glamour gal-Western character. Later on, they brought her back as a straight Atlas Western character, with art by Andru and Esposito, in a series that lasted a bit longer. She also had a one-shot appearance in WILD WEST. Don't know who drew this story, though.

Jeff Overturf said...

I know it's a different medium, but since we're talking about the sheer fun of Annie's adventures depicted as a not-historically-accurate easy on the eyes gal, there was also the TV series from 1954-57 satarring Gail Davis and produced by Gene Autry.