Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Number 929

Sorceress of Zoom!

Joe Simon is given credit for the drawing on this strip from Fox Features' Weird Comics #17, 1941. The Sorceress of Zoom was a continuing feature in Weird Comics from issue #1 through the last issue, #20. Don Markstein's Toonopedia attributes the creation of this bad girl sorceress (who became a not-so-bad, not-quite-evil sorceress after a couple of issues) to Don Rico, yet another journeyman who drew as well as wrote. He wrote the adventures of Lorna, yet another sexy heroine, for Atlas in the mid-'50s, for instance.

I have only seen this episode of "Sorceress" so I can't say for sure, but she has an interesting moral code: She can have the widowed man's dead wife's necklace only if she gets the owner to give it to her, even if it means by trickery.



"When I'm in human form I only have human powers!"
...sooo, in the form of a large human man, ol' sorceress couldn't overcome the power of a smaller female, hmmm? If only she had sent away for that Krav Maga lesson in the back of the comic book...or the Charles Atlas lessons...

Stay tuned next issue to see how Lindsay Lohan, er, I mean the Sorceress of Zoom plots to steal another necklace!
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