Monday, May 31, 2010

Number 746

Mr. Nodel and Mr. Norman

Don Norman, who did these well-illustrated strips for Web of Horror #1, in 1969, was actually artist Norman Nodel. Nodel, who had an elegant pen line, had a long career in comics beginning in the Golden Age. He was at the height of his illustrative abilities with Classics Illustrated #167, Faust.

Here are a couple of pages of Faust, from the original art I found on the internet.

According to the short Lambiek bio, he also did work under the Don Norman name in Creepy and Eerie, as well as at Charlton under his Nodel name. Norman Nodel was yet another pseudonym. He was born Nochem Yeshaya. The last ten years of his life were spent illustrating books and magazines for Jewish children. As the Lambiek bio also says, he worked up until the last day of his life, which was in February, 2000, at age 78.

Web Of Horror was a short-lived Creepy imitation from Major Magazines, which also published Cracked. During Web's three issues there was early work by young artists like Bernie Wrightson, Ralph Reese, and Mike Kaluta, among others, as well as by comic book veterans like Syd Shores and Nodel.


nyrdyv said...

Wonderful choice. You can see clearly just how much control he had in his drawings.


Steven G. Willis

clark said...

It says ""Carl" Dimond on the story, but it's by Clark Dimond and Terry Bisson. Terry was the editor of Web of Horror. The story was written for W of H, but was drastically cut to fit available space, hence some rather drastic elisions in the plot.

Bhob said...

Here's a 2005 interview with Clark Dimond.

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Pappy said...

Thanks, everybody. You really add to it with these insights and links.