Monday, May 10, 2010

Number 734

What sparked Sparky Watts

It was a challenge finding a story for today after the incredibly odd Wonder Woman posting yesterday. But when in doubt, I say go to Boody Rogers. A Sparky Watts story makes a fine followup. Rogers' sense of humor is in full swing in this issue, Sparky Watts #7, from 1948. This particular story, which leads off the issue, is an origin story of sorts, as Sparky explains to a writer how he came to be the world's strongest man.

I cringe at the panels with the broken bones, but love the panels with Sparky as a little kid, when he was so weak he had to have girls carry his books home from school!

I'm not sure how I'd classify these panels from the three stories in this issue. I'll be running the subsequent two stories at some point in the future, but thought I'd give you a preview. There are some oddball osculations from each story in this issue.


Peter Bernard said...

Boody is a love machine!

Pappy said...

Love machine! That's our Boody. He could just find unusual ways of showing it.