Friday, May 07, 2010

Number 732

Your kitty can bite

"Vampire Cat" is from Forbidden Worlds #15, 1953, by way of Chilling Tales of Horror Volume 2 Number 4, 1971. Chilling Tales was published by Stanley Publications, founded by Stanley Morse, who in the 1950s published such off-the-wall horror comics as Weird Tales Of The Future and Mister Mystery. As far as I know he had no connection to ACG, which published Forbidden Worlds, unless he went in after the company shut down in 1967 and bought up original art. (That's sheer speculation, of course, and take it for what it's worth.)

The Grand Comics Database gives Ken Bald credit for the original cover, above, and has a question mark after Art Gates' name for the story artwork, so they aren't sure. If you want to see the color version of the story, go to Karswell's The Horrors Of It All blog, which showed it in 2007.



Bill DuBay 1948-2010

I first saw Bill DuBay's work in fanzines in the mid-1960s. He was above average as an amateur, had a lot of talent even as a teenager. He went on to become an artist, writer, and editor, among other jobs in the comic book industry. Here's the Wikipedia bio of Bill DuBay.

This is a strip he did for Creepy #41, in 1971. He went on to become editor for Warren, more than once, and he created one of my favorite characters, The Rook.

Bill died April 15, age 62.


Tamfos said...

Nice little tribute to Dube. I'm glad somebody remembers him. Thanks, Pap!

Kirk said...

Loved the catnip twist in the story. I feel the writer and artist were winking at us.

nyrdyv said...

You can see all of the details for Forbidden Worlds #15 on at:

Full details for the story and credits are available, at least as much as is known.