Sunday, October 05, 2008

Number 390

Dunc and Loo come through

I found Dunc and Loo #5 at an antiques fair just a week ago. It's one of those moments that comic collectors live for. I've been writing about John Stanley, posting stories, reading his stories posted on other blogs, and so it was synchronicity finding this comic in the midst of a stack of otherwise common '80s super hero comics.

Further synchronicity occurred last Sunday when Frank Young of Stanley Stories posted stories from Around the Block With Dunc and Loo #3. The comic book gods had to be interceding in these events.

These two stories from #5 are wonderful. The gags are funny, the characters are funny, the drawing is great. Bill Williams drew Dunc and Loo in a vibrant style with a fluid brush line, perfectly complementing Stanley's layouts.

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Unknown said...

Dunc and Loo was possibly the most marvelous teen comic pubbed, certainly in advance of Archie. John Stanley was an excellent writer and a keen observer of human life, especially that of kids and adolescents. Grab the rest of the run and you won't be disappointed.