Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Number 139

Space Ace and the Invisible Death!

This Space Ace story, "The Invisible Death!" from Jet #2, 1951, is an action-filled short science fiction story right out of Planet Stories and Planet Comics. It's real space opera with a beautiful babe and Space Ace on Saturn's moon, Titan, looking for the "Ocean Of Diamonds," which is protected by the Invisible Death! And that's a problem only if you get by the Jumping Mountains to get there.

The explanation for the Invisible Death — using rays to cook someone from the inside out — sounds like a microwave oven.

The art is credited to Lawrence Woromay, and like the story in Jet #1 is influenced by Wayne Boring, then the main Superman artist.

In Jet #3, upcoming, Al Williamson takes over the Space Ace art chores.

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teddyrocker said...

Thank you very mutch for fixing the links in Pappy #133.
By the way,Al Williamson drawing Space Ace?!!! I can`t wait to read it!
Thank you again for all these gems.