Thursday, May 03, 2007

Number 127

Space Ace: The Man Who Would Be Boring

This is story number three from Jet #1, an ME science fiction comic from 1950. The character is completely different from the star of Jet, Jet Powers. Jet's world is that of 1950, although some of his technology would be advanced even for 2007.*

The Space Ace stories are set in the future when people live on Mars. It's space opera, with pirates and rogues in tight costumes and funny helmets, and in this first story some giant robots.

The artist isn't identified except by some initials, "LW." on the bottom right of the splash panel. That is Larry Woromay, according to the Grand Comics Database. The artist has borrowed poses and some other things from Wayne Boring, who at the time was the Superman artist.

*He didn't have the Internet, though! Not so smart after all, are you, Mr. Jet Smartypants Powers?

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