Thursday, May 10, 2007

Number 130

Jet Powers and The Thing From The Meteor

Recently a couple of my local congressmen voted against a memorial to Rachel Carson. If you recall, Rachel Carson wrote a book called Silent Spring back in 1962 that showed the pesticide DDT to be a cause of much ecological damage. DDT was removed from legal usage. My congressmen apparently think it's a mistake that has cost lives.

I believe my congressmen are wrong, but have to admit if Jet Powers hadn't had DDT back in 1950, we'd now be ruled by 6' tall grasshoppers using neurostasis rays to numb us and we'd all be stored in jars.

This is an entertaining story with a 1950's alien invasion premise, and I don't think I'm ruining it for you by telling you that Jet Powers wins, saving the earth in the process.

"The Thing From The Meteor," written by Gardner Fox and illustrated by Bob Powell, appeared in Jet #1, 1950, from ME Comics. This is the fourth and final story from that issue. For you latecomers, you can read the rest of the magazine by going to: Pappy's #121, Pappy's #123, and Pappy's #127.

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