Friday, June 01, 2007

Number 140

Son of Frankenstein Friday

Here's another in my intermittent series showing Frankenstein covers. This time I even have a couple that aren't comics.

Jaybird Happening (and what kind of title is that?) is some sort of softcore porn magazine from the early '70s. Not only is it a weird title, it's a weird cover. It looks like someone took a snapshot at a party and decided to use it on a cover. Professional-looking this ain't. Oh yeah, I censored the picture of the girl. I don't want your moms writing and complaining that I'm showing you porn.

Thimk was a short-lived Mad imitation that lived for six issues, and why it went even that long I don't know. This is issue #4, December 1958. I guess the gag is that Frankenstein's monster is more popular with the young chicks than newly-drafted Elvis. Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh, that just slays me. I wonder that the guys who put out this magazine didn't end it because they all just died laughing from their own side-splitting humor.

And speaking of Mad, I have this cover from 2005.

Another monster magazine, which looks more like a fanzine than a professional newsstand publication, is Journal Of Frankenstein #1, from 1959. Sharp-eyed Pappy's readers will notice that the Frankenstein logo from the Dick Briefer comic book series of the early 1950s is swiped whole and slapped onto the cover.

Last, but surely least, Terror Tales, from January 1970, another of those cheap, cheesy horror comics from the 1970s, with their gruesome, gory covers…you know, the ones we all like because they're so sleazy, so awesomely awful, so bad they're great.

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