Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Number 142

Jet Powers and the Metal Monsters!

In this eight-page, fourth and final story from Jet #2, 1951, drawn by Bob Powell and written by Gardner Fox, we see: the Hiroshima bomb create living metal! Mr. Sinn surviving a crash to earth of his earth-orbiting satellite! Mr. Sinn now colored yellow instead of green! Mr. Sinn finding a way to create robots from the Hiroshima bomb living metal! Mr. Sinn's robots going after Jet Powers! Jet using his inventions: vue-disks, anti-gravity beams, electroni-magnets, and radio-controlled model planes spraying acid!

Whew. This is a fast-moving story to wind up Jet #2, and re-introduce Mr. Sinn, the racially-stereotyped Yellow Peril — in the first issue actually a Green Peril— evil scientist and villain.

Previous postings from Jet #2 are in Pappy's #139, Pappy's #136, and Pappy's #133.

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