Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Number 146

Jet Powers And The Dust Of Doom!

Forget all about global warming. There's a more immediate danger: The earth is going through a cloud of radioactive dust! Yikes! We've got three days, so live it up, folks. In this story as the doom approaches anarchy reigns with looting and murders. Then Jet Powers makes an appearance.

Speaking to the world over loudspeakers, and telling an involved and personal story, Jet tells how he went into space with sexy Su Shan and his spaceship conked out from the radioactive dust. Due to Jet's ingenuity they got back, but I'll let you read about it.

This is pretty heavy doomsday stuff for just a 9-page story, starting off this third issue of Jet, written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Bob Powell.

Ever since Su Shan admitted to Jet that she liked him (second story, second issue), I've wondered what's going on. There's no indication there was any weightless whoopee going on in space, but I mean, still, you've gotta wonder where Jet's head is, traveling alone with a beautiful girl and not being more attracted or something. She blinded me with science, as the song goes…or Jet was blinded to her by science. Who knows? It's been a long time since 1951 when this appeared. Anyone who could tell us where the Jet Powers/Su Shan partnership was going had Jet continued its run past #4 is long since dead.

The printing on this story is pretty bad. The ink blobs up, fills in delicate lines, drops out in other places. Whoever printed this comic book must've been sleeping on the job. I did the best I could with what I had to scan.

In the 1980s Ray Zone used his wizardry to transform this issue into a 3-D comic book. You collectors will want to look for that. Zone had some of the same problems I had making the blobby printing acceptable.

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