Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Number 316


Speaking of love--without the sick--I really love Jack Bradbury's comic art from the late 1940s and early '50. The work he did later for Disney comics I find less interesting, but he was working in a stricter panel format on characters well established by other artists. I don't know who created Spunky and Stanley, published in Spunky Junior Cowboy, but it's Bradbury's genius that makes the strip so good.

Every panel with Stanley, the love-sick horse, is funny. Spunky's horse belongs to an animation tradition, and I'm thinking of Ichabod Crane's horse in Disney's The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. Bradbury had a true gift for comic exaggeration and every time I look at his work I admire it more.

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Karswell said...
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Karswell said...

Bradbury is another guy I want to start collecting eventually, fun fun fun! Such strong sense of design, you look at his lay-outs and line work and know you're witness to a truly talented illustrator.

Chuck Wells said...

Yeah, I agree with you guys on Jack Bradbury. He has the chops all right!

As much as I like action-suspense-heroic and other adventure-style comics, I really do love this typf of humor work.

Pappy said...

Chuck, I could never tie myself to one kind of comic book. I liked them all, which is one of my failings as a collector. I wanted everything, but could only manage to get small portions of a lot of different things. I really love the funny and screwball stuff, which is why it ends up on this blog. It's been largely forgotten by an increasingly narrow modern comics audience. Any time I can turn somebody on to a great artist not widely known in this era I'm a happy Pappy!