Monday, September 18, 2017

Number 2103: Blackhawks on the moon

Blackhawk and his band of buddies volunteer to fly to the moon, and set up camp. They will be waiting for a group who will stay on the moon permanently. If that isn’t incredible enough, they appear to be helping a pair who look like V.I. Lenin and Albert Einstein. That is just the kickoff for one of the goofiest Blackhawk stories I have read, presented in Modern Comics #99 (1950). On the moon the Blackhawks meet two hostiles from a non-democratic nation (the word "communist" is not used), Zorak (has a beard) and Telga (beautiful female spy).

Among the plot elements of this goofball tale, the bad guys have a make-up kit with which they disguise themselves as Blackhawk and Chuck (Telga as Chuck).

I assume that this lunar lunacy was “inspired” by the George Pal movie, Destination Moon, which was heavily hyped in early 1950 before its release in August of that year. Life magazine had an article about it in its April 24 issue.

Grand Comics Database is not sure of the artists, but they guess the pencils are by John Forte and the inks are by Chuck Cuidera.


Charlie Horse 47 said...

This must be an uncommon issue. I've been cherry picking Blackhawk on eBay for a decade and can't say I've ever seen it!

Pappy said...

Charlie, I found the scans at the Digital Comics Museum.

Captain Blog said...

Does have the Forte look in certain panels especially group shots.

Mark Golding said...

Here is a link to a question I asked about the identity of a Blackhawk comic book I remember reading in the 1960s.

As I remember the Blackhawks were inside a moonbase for some reason and were being stalked by a killer robot. They ignited flammable liquid and burned the killer robot.

Possibly my memory is faulty, but I guess that there were only a few Blackhawk stories in outer space before 1970 and only a few Blackhawk stories with killer robots before 1970.

Do you remember such a story?