Friday, September 01, 2017

Number 2096: Horror you doin'?

“Here’s to Horror” was published in Superior Comics’ Journey Into Fear #18 (1954). Somebody scanned the original art and put it online, where I found it a few years ago. Sorry, I don’t remember where I got it. The story and artwork were created by the Jerry Iger comic book shop, which provided it for the publisher, Superior Comics. You can go to scans of the printed comic at Digital Comics Museum here: Journey Into Fear #18.

The main character of the story, Lanny Burns, has found a way to solve his problem of being a bigamist. He just throws his first wife out a tall window. This is a horror comic, so Lanny comes to a bad end. Lanny, who is a popular singer, develops spasmodic dysphonia (called “spastic throat” in the story). It is a real neurological condition. I know about it from first hand experience: my grandmother had it. It didn’t stop her from talking, though, weak voice or not. Talking is a family trait.


Brian Barnes said...

Well that was an interesting horror story. First off, I love how old Lammykins called his first wife "darling" as he killed her. And yet, she comes back as a vengeful ghosts and kills a woman that, frankly, did nothing to her, and the story acts like this is a proper act.

And Lammykins, who's idiocy -- and murder -- drove the plot -- literally wins in the end! Is he killed in the electric chair? Sure. But why does that matter? He has positive proof that not only will he live on as a ghost, but his wife -- who he still loves!?!? -- is waiting there for him!

To sum up, this story tells us that cheating around, using an older woman for her money, and killing your wife only leads to success in showbiz and then success in the afterlife!

Pappy said...

Gee, Brian, I have always proceeded from that assumption! I just haven't acted on it. I always liked older women...but now at my age the older women are mostly in rest homes, and of course I never murdered anyone, for money or anything else. Not that it hadn't crossed my mind.