Monday, April 17, 2017

Number 2037: Kid Eternity calls on Plastic Man

I don’t recall any crossovers in Quality Comics, no Plastic Man appearing in Blackhawk or vice versa. If they happened I may have missed them. If anyone knows of any please let me know. Here is the closest thing I know to a crossover from that publisher. It appeared in Hit Comics #32 (1944), when Kid Eternity needed help and called on Plastic Man by shouting out the word “Eternity!”

Plastic Man doesn’t have a lot to do, so crossover might be too strong a word. It is more like a guest appearance. He appears in 6 panels over two pages. When an old lady turns into Merlin the Magician he gives up and zaps back to Police Comics.

I have high regard for the artwork, credited to Alex Kotzky for pencils. No inker known.

Kid Eternity mixes with Amazons. Just click the thumbnail.


Kirk said...

I like how Police Comics is mentioned in the story itself. A rare Golden Age comic book foray into metafiction. Maybe the only such foray.

Neil Hansen said...

That is neat. I never knew Plastic Man crossed over into Kid Eternity. We need some more Golden Age crossovers. Those would just be so much fun from the days when crossovers were truly a unique thing. I think there was a story where the Boy Commandoes met up with Sandman and the Newsboy Legion. And of course the three part of origin of Captain Marvel Junior with lots of Mac Raboy art. :)

Britt Reid said...

Two of Quality's superheroines (Spider Widow and Phantom Lady) did a multi-issue crossover between Police Comics (Phantom Lady) and Feature Comics (Spider Widow), in this order...
Police Comics #20, Feature Comics #69, Police Comics #21, Feature Comics #70, Feature Comics #71, Police Comics #22.
(Yes, the last two are reversed.)
Frank Borth was the writer/artist on both strips, which made continuity between them an easy matter.
There's a lot of fourth-wall breaking as the characters discuss the fact they're in different books and even address the reader directly!

Britt Reid said...

BTW, Blackhawk crosses-over into Kid Eternity's strip in Hit Comics #26.

Gene Phillips said...

That is one goofy story! Merlin, played as a disreputable scoundrel who can't remember his magical spells, trying to get hold of Excalibur in order to release Morgan LeFay-- who is the magician's half-sister, in contrast to the general tendency to make LeFay the half-sister of Arthur himself, or else some similar relative.

Re: crossovers-- aside from the usual Timely and DC suspects, Prize Comics did a fair number of them, regularly intertwining the features "Yank and Doodle" and "Black Owl." Fawcett's probably the champion, though, and I think they sport the only crossover between two female characters who starred in separate features:

As for metafiction, I remember at least one Gardner Fox FLASH story in which Flash and his comedy-relief stooges start climbing across the panel borders.

darkmark said...

In an Uncle Sam story, most of the Quality heroes did a cameo. This is one of those "poem" stories in one of the early issues.

Pappy said...

Wow, guys, you are very knowledgeable about the Quality crossovers. Thanks to all of you for the contribution to the subject!