Monday, July 21, 2014

Number 1607: Go-Go gorillas

As a kid I bought comics with gorillas on the covers. I still perk up when I see a story featuring those powerful creatures.

These two stories fit the bill. Both of them are tales about turning men into gorillas. Naturally, “the best laid plans...” you know...they often don’t go as we expect.

“Killer’s Arms!” is from Charlton’s Strange Suspense Stories #22 (1954), drawn by Leon Winik and Ray Osrin. “The Beast,” credited to Manny Stallman, is from Atlas’ Strange Tales #1 (1951).

Ook! Ook!


Brian Barnes said...

Two fun ape tales, one chuck full of the most amazing coincidence and the other chuck full of lusting ape.

Like the Flintstones, "The Beast" could serve as "educational" material for young Earth creationist!

Both stories seem like the only great apes the artists have seen were Hollywood costumes, but the ape in "Killer Arms" is a lot more fun. The artwork is a bit too clean in the first story, but Stallman did do some interesting work for Atlas.

Russ said...

I remember reading reprints in Marvel's FEAR of two stories by Kirby about "The Gorilla Man". Have you seen those?

Pappy said...

Russ, here are the Kirby Gorilla-Man stories, from Pappy's #841.

Russ said...

Thanks. Always liked these.