Monday, July 14, 2014

Number 1604: Flapping Head

“The Flapping Head” is a not untypical tale from Forbidden Worlds, but it has the distinction of being drawn by Al Williamson.

Williamson was known for his collaborators on a job, nicknamed the Fleagle Gang by Harvey Kurtzman: Angelo Torres, Roy Krenkel, Frank Frazetta, among others, but for this story the Grand Comics Database credits Williamson for pencils and artists Larry Woromay and King Ward for the inking.

This story has been reprinted several times in the past few decades, solely because of art by Williamson.

From Forbidden Worlds #6 (1952):


Daniel [] said...

I wonder whether this flapping head informed the flapping head in Bride of Re-Animator (1989).

Brad S. said...

I love these old stories , but the wordiness of them is exhausting! Sometimes they're more like illustrated prose than art with words....