Friday, July 18, 2014

Number 1606: Chas. M. Quinlan — Green skull, Red Robe, Blue Beetle

Chas. M. Quinlan, who drew this episode of Blue Beetle, was one of the older artists who began work in comics during the early days of the industry. He had a son, Charles Quinlan, Jr. According to some information Quinlan, Jr, while in high school, helped his father by writing scripts for him. A reference to his father in Quinlan Jr's 2011 obituary claims Quinlan Sr at one time was a rodeo star.

These are just tantalizing bits of information about the elder Quinlan, who left a body of work in comic books, but about whom very little seems to be known. If any family members read this I hope they will supply some information.

Quinlan’s distinctive action-packed art style shows in this otherwise typical WWII Nazi saboteur story from Blue Beetle #14 (1942).

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