Friday, July 04, 2014

Number 1600: Spirit of ’76, the patriotic hero

Today in America we celebrate the Fourth of July, Independence Day. With the Fourth comes the old red, white and blue in abundance. Back in the early forties when war was raging in Europe and imminent for America, the patriotic heroes were popping up like dandelions on my lawn. Among them was Cadet Blakeley, the Spirit of '76. He was introduced in Pocket Comics in 1941, and then re-introduced in Harvey Comics’ Green Hornet #7 in 1942. The second version is basically the first, with some editing and some new artwork and rearranging in spots to make it 8 pages. (Wartime paper rationing, you know.)

Grand Comics Database says Edd Ashe did the Pocket Comics version, with Harry Fisk and Arthur Caseneuve doing some new artwork for the second.

I hope everyone has a fine holiday and three-day weekend. For me, tonight I stand guard in my yard with garden hose in hand, ready to douse any illegal fireworks, roman candles and rockets shot into my bushes and trees by celebrating and inebriated neighbors.


Here’s a later Spirit of ’76 drawn by the great Bob Powell. Just click on the thumbnail.

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