Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Number 1605: Cave Girl and the Amazons

Cave Girl, as recounted in Don Markstein’s Toonopedia, had an interesting origin. She and her parents were in a part of the African jungle they shared with neanderthal men and prehistoric creatures. Cave Girl’s name was Carol, and grew up without her parents, who were killed. At some point the prehistoric setting was dropped for more standard blonde jungle goddess types of stories, much like many of the other comic book jungle women. She had her own comic and appeared as a backup in Thun'da, King of the Congo as well, so as they say in showbiz, her character “had legs.” Literally. Artist Bob Powell, who could draw pulchritudinous females as well as anything else, did a good job on Cave Girl. But while physically attractive, story-wise she wasn’t particularly distinguishable from all of the other beautiful women who swung through trees.

In this tale, from Cave Girl #13 (1954), she mixes it up with some Amazons who are beating up on the local native tribesmen. We’ve seen this all before, but I don’t care. I have kind of a thing for jungle stories and jungle girls.


Mykal said...

I would love this post if for no other reason than you used the word "pulchritudinous," which I did not know. And people say comics (blogs) aren't educational! the other reason I loved this post is more obvious: Powell's incredibly smooth inking. Damn, he was good.

Pappy said...

Thanks, Mykal. I got that word right in a spelling bee when I was in ninth grade.

Whenever I see smooth inking, long brush lines that are perfect with no little glitches or hesitation marks my first thought is, "Damn, this guy doesn't drink coffee."

Brian Barnes said...

I'm probably the only person to say this, but this doesn't seem up to Powell's usually high standards. Yes, the inking is very fluid, but there's a lot of wacky faces in there and some less detailed art.

Not to be a complainer, because 95% of artists out there would kill to be Powell on a bad day, but it seems a little off in places.

The story, wow. Where to begin? Why wait until she was in the death trap to try to escape? Why the sudden, single-panel out-of-nowhere ending? Where did the Amazon's get lipstick? Why do all the Amazons have short hair? Do they have the same Amazon stylist?