Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Number 1315: Romance in a trance

Admit it, guys. You looked at those ads in old comics for books on how to hypnotize, or thought of sending for the Hypno Coin, hoping that you could put a hot girl into a state where she would go out with you. I know you did, because I did, too. Hypnosis would make it easy, wouldn’t it? As I recall from my dating days, nothing about dating was easy, even if I’d had the powers of the great stage mage, Manfred. In this mesmerizing memoir he hypnotizes rich girl Francine Van Rhys into being his love slave. Luckily for Francine, she also has romantic Raymond Keenan who loves her, and is mighty Manfred’s rival. The power of love overcomes the power of Manfred’s hypnosis.

Here’s a Valentine’s Day treat for tomorrow from ACG’s Romantic Adventures #7 (1950). Artwork is credited to Bob Lubbers by Golden Age art expert Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr.


Here’s a Valentine for those among you Pappy’s readers who like paper dolls. It’s a shorty from Katy Keene #16 (1954), and includes a page of fashions for you to cut out. Just remember to print them off first; don't attack your monitor with scissors.


Alicia American said...

OMG that pour rich grl OMG tha last page of her story went missing OMG! Did she get ett by SHARKS????? omg

Darci said...

Interesting that this was published in March-April 1950. Have you seen the 1960 film "Hypnotic Eye"? That film started out with a very different concept, but ended up incorporating some of this story.

BTW, there's a page 12 that provides a fitting end to Manfred. I wonder what happened to it? (hint, hint)
Keep up the good work!

Pappy said...

My apologies for leaving off that last page. I'm embarrassed because I usually check my posts a couple of times before they appear. I don't know exactly what happened, but the story is now complete.

Alicia, Darci, thanks for letting me know. Happy Valentine's Day to you both, with love from your Pappy.

Alicia American said...

♥Happy Valentine's Day Pappy from me & Deb: ♥❤♥ We luv u Pappy!!♥

Herbie Popnecker said...

Herbie Popnecker had some hypnotic eyes: