Friday, February 01, 2013

Number 1308: Jungle horrors!

Voodoo was an Ajax/Farrell title, which in the past I've confused with comics from Superior, a Canadian company. And why not? They both used stories provided by the Jerry Iger Studio, which meant their horror stories had much the same feel (and appeal) to them. In Voodoo #3 (1952), none of the stories feature voodoo, but three of the four stories in the issue have jungle settings.

I'm only showing two today because if I read too many jungle stories my brain gets jungle rot. The second of our duo, “Plantation of Fear,” I am proclaiming a crazy comic classic. I love murdering-plant stories, and these plants are definitely murderous. Anthropomorphic, too, with cartoonish human facial expressions. You'll see what I mean.


Brian Barnes said...

Mykal posted the Eerie version of this:

It's worth a look after reading this to see all the places they added blood or zombie heads, one of the post-ups is pretty obvious.

BTW, I don't think the author knew what cataract means, or else it has some older meaning I'm not privy too!

Darci said...

I'm not aware of any country where the habitat of the tea plant (East, South, and Southeast Asia) and the habitat of the mandrake (southern and central Europe, and around the Mediterranean Sea) overlap (certainly not Ceylon).

Are the mandrakes' motives supposed to be obscured, like in The Birds? All they seemed to accomplish was the killing of Oliver Caxton before they marched off.