Friday, August 24, 2012

Number 1215: Reese's piece of the Web

I believe these two stories were some of the first work by Ralph Reese I ever saw, when they appeared in Web of Horror in 1970. The magazine was published by Cracked “mazagine” publisher Bob Sproul.

Reese had worked with Wally Wood, and had picked up on the use of toning sheets including Grafix (formerly Craftint), a chemically treated drawing paper. The artist applied a chemical with a brush and the tones appeared. It was widely used for black line reproduction, and even some four-color work at times, but is no longer being manufactured. In the Yeti story Reese used an ink wash. Reese's use of such techniques complements his dramatic illustrations. Web of Horror featured some seasoned pros like Syd Shores and Norman Nodel, as well as a new breed of dynamic younger artists like Bernie Wrightson, Mike Kaluta and Ralph Reese. I wish it would have continued past three issues.

A few years later these stories, among others by Reese, were colored and published in a two-issue mini-series, Reese's Pieces, by Eclipse Comics.

These stories were written by longtime author and comic book scripter Otto Binder. They're from issues #2 and #3:


HEH said...

Lovely artwork, Pappy! Reese's art in the first tale reminds me of Rand Holmes

bzak said...


I loved Web of Horror!! The first issue I bought was #3, and have since gotten #1 and #2. My first exposure to one of my favorite artists Mike Kaluta.

The splash panel on the yeti story is brilliant. Thanks for posting.


Pappy said...

HEH, Reese's work probably reminds you of Holmes because Reese worked with Wallace Wood, and Holmes emulated Wood.

Pappy said...

bzak, did you buy your Web #3 when it came out? I bought my original set as they arrived on the magazine rack. I sold three different sets of Web of Horror in the '70s...I'd buy them, then re-sell. I did that with my Conan comics, too. I finally bought a set of Web that I kept and still have. I don't know what copies of Web of Horror go for nowadays, but I paid a lot more than 35¢ each for the set I now own.

I followed all the young artists from Web through their careers, and especially enjoyed Wrightson's Swamp Thing and Kaluta's The Shadow, two sets of comics I collected that I never sold (thankfully).

Brian Barnes said...

I remember all these stories, but I don't remember having any of the Web of Horrors or the reprints. I wonder where I saw them?

It's amazing how much the late 60s/early 70s were like the EC period of the 50s. EC wasn't first, but started a flood of horror titles. Warren started a flood of horror titles themselves, the Skywald stuff, the Eerie stuff, the Web of Horror, Marvel's B&W mags, etc.

Pappy said...

Brian, I wouldn't doubt these Web of Horror stories have been shown on various websites or blogs before I showed them. I don't keep track of what everyone else is doing; god knows I can hardly keep track of what I'm doing, but I'm sure I've seen them before during my Internet travels.