Monday, August 06, 2012

Number 1205: Subversive love

This story has a pretty clear message: rich people are bad to hardworking common people. That sounds a lot like pinko talk, doesn't it? Except we are still having a discussion in America about rich vs. poor. I doubt it will ever be resolved, but while the rich would like us commoners to believe that speaking up for one's economic class is tantamount to treason, we're less interested in sedition and just trying to get our slice of the American pie, nowadays sliced pretty thin.

Cattlemen against sodbusters! I watched stories like that in many cowboy movies when I was growing up. The movies demonized bankers and rich cattlemen because as little as the poor sodbusters had, the greedy bastards wanted it all! Bankers were hard hit because they were looked at with suspicion by the generation who came out of the Great Depression, including the people who wrote and drew comic books. This tale, where love trumps wealth, is from Quality Comics Range Romances #1 (1949), It's credited by Heritage Auctions and the CGC people as being by Paul Gustavson. The Grand Comics Database has ? for the artist.

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