Monday, August 13, 2012

Number 1209: Jeepers! A zombie!

This is a good opportunity to remind you of Zombies, the book edited by Craig Yoe and Steve "Karswell" Banes. It's number three in their series, “The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics.” It's available from,, or your other favorite online book dealers. And I'm sure if you promise not to eat his brain, your local comic book dealer could order it for you.

“The Lair of Lost Souls” from Adventures Into the Unknown #33 (1952) is a zombie story, art attributed to Al Camy, not included in the Zombies book. I'm showing it today because the splash panel is part of an ongoing search I have for what I call the Jeepers girl, a girl in a pose that looks like this panel from the anti-comics book, Seduction of the Innocent by Fredric Wertham, M.D. When I started seeing similar girls in similar poses I began to collect them under the overall title Jeepers girl, based on this.

I have found this supine girl in other comics, not only Golden Age but Silver Age, as well as a couple of magazine covers, Mad, and even an issue of Life magazine.

After the story I'll show you what I've collected so far in my quest for the Jeepers girl.

 “Jeepers! A dame!”

So far the earliest example of the Jeepers girl I've found has been in an article on the radio program, The Fat Man, from a 1946 issue of Life. Lots of artists used Life as a source of reference material, and this may be one of those instances.

The next is from artist Lily Renée, from Fight Comics #47, also 1946.

After that the Jeepers girl pops up in several places. I'm aware that the poses aren't exactly alike, but I believe that the Jeepers girl is a pretty good example of how you can't keep a dead girl down when you've got artists looking to other artists for inspiration.



HEH said...

Neat post, Pappy. I like the artwork. Thanks for the reminder about the Yoe/Karswell book.

I was unaware of the 'jeepers!' pose. Neat to see so many variations.

Brian Barnes said...

Word of advice to the ladies. If a man wants to marry you, and his idea of a great honeymoon is the leopard and death demon infested "inner congo", run now!

One other piece of advice: Men's souls are always more valuable then woman's souls. Don't you have some cooking and cleaning to do? :)

Karswell said...

Trying to get caught up here on the webs, (jeepers what a great post!) and thanks again for the book plug!

Pappy said...

Karswell, I'm more than happy to spread the news about your book. I want it to succeed so we can see more books from the Yoe/Banes duo.