Monday, April 16, 2012

Number 1141: The great Mr. Sinn and the great Jet Powers

This is the second story from Jet #1, first of four issues published by ME Comics in 1950 and '51. Jet, a science fiction hero in the lone wolf mold, was written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Bob Powell.

Mr. Sinn, a hideously green-colored Asian stereotype, (who took on a more normal skin tone in issue #2), launches his artificial moon, a satellite, to wreak havoc from orbit. Jet, who has a private spacecraft—and has not shared this technology with the U.S. government—has a confrontation with him high above the Earth.

Mr. Sinn showed up for his final battle with Jet Powers in Jet #2. This is another of my re-scanned presentations. I have shown this story before, a few years ago.


Jeff Overturf said...

When sci fi mean pure fun and adventure!

Gumba G Gadwa said...

Somebody really needs to tell Jet Powers how to be a real man; Su Shan should have fallen in love with him and breathlessly told you what Mr. Sinn was planning, or just what the extra "n" is for!

I feel he's let us all down.

Of course, he's got her tied to his chair in his own lair without any authorities around and is filling her full of drugs and using hypnotism, so maybe I'm wrong here!

Pappy said...

Gumba, with only seven pages Jet Powers needed to get results fast! I have no idea what he wanted with Su Shan beyond information, unless it's told between the panel borders. Despite being a man of scientific accomplishment and two-fisted toughness, Jet could just be shy around chicks.

Daniel [] said...

Su Shan did ultimately fall for Jet (And Jet was suitably befuddled when she did), and was there after his Girl Friday.

For my part, I cannot help but be amused that she gets forgiven for doing Bad Things because, well, she's a stone fox.

(H_ll, I'd probably have forgiven her too.)