Sunday, April 15, 2012

Number 1140: The last of the Merry Martian

The saga of Cosmo and his intrepid band of fellow Martians ended with this issue, Cosmo the Merry Martian #6, from 1960. We've followed the gaggle of ET's from Mars to Earth's moon, to Earth, to Venus, to Saturn, then back to Mars...from whence they set upon a journey back to Earth only to...

...what? No one knows. I remember looking for the non-existent Cosmo the Merry Martian #7 for several months after I bought and read #6, before realizing that I was to know nothing more of these Martians. A pity! I think it is a fun, well drawn and colorful comic book from Archie Comics, but like some other non-Archie titles from that publisher it had a short run. I've said before I don't know if it didn't sell, or maybe was just canceled to make room for another title featuring the Archie gang.

Bob White, artist, is deceased, and no more has been heard of Cosmo since this issue. As an old philosopher once said, "That's all they is, they ain't no more."

If you're just starting with this series, you can go back to Pappy's #1104, for links to all previous Cosmo issues.

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