Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Number 257

The Lovesick Clown

Rudy Palais does a "true" crime comics version of I Pagliacci in Crime Does Not Pay #43, January 1946. The clown gets turned down by the woman he lusts after, then goes into a murderous rage.

I empathize. Without killing anyone, at one time or another every guy has made a clown of himself over a woman. So many times for me I coulda gone to work for Ringling Brothers-Barnum and Bailey!


Mr. Karswell said...

Nice post Paps! I've posted quite few Palais stories over at The Horrors of it All... it's way cool to see some of his glorious crime work too.

Kirk Nachman said...

Amazing Frontispiece, paps!!! Sometimes a mere panel makes a story fer me, but a swell frontispiece is as good as a painting...