Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Number 267

The tallest tale

I'm in need of a laugh today. I went looking for a laugh and found several good ones in Spunky Junior Cowboy #3, September 1949. The whole book is drawn by one of the all-time cartooning greats, Jack Bradbury.

I've posted another Bradbury strip, a Spencer Spook episode from Giggle Comics here.

I bought this comic book in the 1970s. What struck me immediately on re-reading this story is nowadays how much Old Bill reminds me of…me. Yup, Pappy is like Old Bill: a white-bearded windbag, full of stories of dubious veracity. Old Bill has a mule named Sal, and Pappy has a wife named Sally. Just don't tell Mrs. Pappy I said that, will you?


Chuck Wells said...

Man-oh-man, that is just some beautiful artwork. Great pick, Pappy!

This is the kind of old stuff that would be nice to see collected en masse in a big trade paperback or hardbound archive edition.

Bradbury IS a keeper.

Karswell said...

Chuck is right, great artwork and tons of fun (even the borders of the panels are funny!)