Friday, February 29, 2008

Number 268

The Glittering Nightmare

John Forte was a solid artist from the golden and silver age of comics. His work was known to me mainly in the late 1950s in the ACG mystery comics, Adventures Into The Unknown and Forbidden Worlds. A few years before his death in 1965 he went to work for DC Comics, and in a brilliant assignment by editor Mort Weisinger was picked to do the "Tales Of The Bizarro World" series in Adventure Comics.

"Bizarro World" was my favorite feature, but its oddball humor was ahead of its time. I was upset when it was canceled for "The Legion of Super Heroes." Oh well. DC Comics reprinted all of the Adventure Comics "Bizarro World" stories in 2000 in book form, so I could enjoy them all over again.

"The Glittering Nightmare," written by ACG editor Richard E. Hughes under one of his pen-names and drawn by Forte, is from Forbidden Worlds #76, 1959. It owes something to Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Hughes wasn't above borrowing ideas, and like most comic book writers, turning them into Bizarro versions of the originals.


Chuck Wells said...

Good story, Pap.

Both ACG's Adventures Into the Unknown and Forbidden Worlds often had some nice weirdo-stuff in their pages.

Mr. Karswell said...

Really nice Forte story! I have an ACG werewolf post up today as well by Al Williamson... seems like we're all having a mental connection this morning, possibly it has something to do with Leap Year?

Pappy said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I really appreciate your feedback.

Karswell, if we're getting a mental connection then we both need to get out more.

The Williamson story was great!

Norman Boyd said...

Thanks for the Forte story. Did you notice the inking? If that's his, (and Grand Comic-Book Database agrees) it's a shame he didn't continue when doing the Bizarro/LSH stories. That wild shading on the length of the arms!!!