Thursday, November 15, 2007

Number 218

Flash Kicks Axis!

This is a followup to Pappy's #215, scanned from Flash Comics #35. My copy of that issue of Flash Comics isn't complete: the cover and first wraparound are missing, but some great in-house ads are still intact. I especially like seeing All-Star Comics #13, with the rocketship cover, and Wonder Woman #1.

The ad for All-Flash Comics #7 has a misspelling: wierd for weird. That's a common enough mistake, since the writer was probably thinking about the English rule, i before e except after c. Except for a word like weird. The English language likes having its rules, but likes to break them, too. It's just weird that way. Then we have Green Lantern #5, and that really annoying Doiby Dickles. I'm not real big on comic relief characters.

We've got comics from the DC line--Flash and the other books shown are from the All-American line, owned by Max Gaines in partnership with DC Comics--including one of the greatest phallic-symbol covers of all time, World's Finest Comics #7.*

Finally, a real treat: Flash heads to Europe--at least in a dream-- and kicks butt on the Axis gangstas, Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito. It's a nice example of a public service announcement, selling war bonds and stamps, written and drawn by Fox and Hibbard, the regular Flash team.

*Here's the cover in its full glory. Click on the picture to see it big.

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