Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Number 214

The Space Siren has such a lovely rumpus

"Rumpus On Rex," drawn by Reed Crandall, is from Buster Brown Comic Book #30. There is no copyright information, no publisher listed, much less a date, for this shoe store giveaway comic.

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and Grand Comics Database tell us that Tanya the Space Siren appeared in Buster Brown issues 29-32. From the look of the artwork it appears to be mid-1950s. Smilin' Ed McConnell died in 1954. I assume it was produced in his era.

Crandall's artwork is, as usual, superb. He could draw sexy women! Tanya is a real hottie, warming the Interplanetary Police rocket tubes, no doubt. As much as I enjoy Crandall's depiction of the leggy Tanya, my amazement is that this was aimed at kids. I'm sure it caught the attention of the boys of that era. For those of us over-aged kids, Tanya looks great, too.

After I originally posted this, George Freeman added in the comments section that the inking was by Ray Willner.

The Grand Comics Database lists "Rumpus On Rex" as reprinted in 1998 by AC Comics for Golden Age Greats #12.


Chuck Wells said...

Man-o-man, do I remember those shoe store giveaways. Free comics were hard to beat back in those days.

This was a terrific way to start the day, Pappy.


ET said...

Remember the Buster Brown commercial on early TV?
"This is my dog Ty,
he lives in a shoe,
Look for me in there too!"

Keath007 said...

Such fabulous art! Thanks for hippin' us to this Pappy!

George Freeman said...

Please mention Ray Willner's cool inking. You can tell Willner's inking on this "Interplanetary Police" story by the angularity of the line and the vaguely oriental cast given to the men's eyes.

He and Crandall made a good team on Buster Brown. They would trade off art chores on "Gunga" but Willner did "Little Fox" solo.

Check out a couple of his solo stories at:

Pappy said...

Thanks for all your comments. George, I missed that about Willner. Thanks for adding the information.

jovj said...

Issue 30 of Buster Brown is Spring of 1953, Pappy.

Doctor Zen said...

Thanks, Pappy! This is just the kind of stuff the Retro Rockets Facebook group loves!