Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Number 2559: Phantom Lady and the Ace of Spades see through the disguises


I have commented (more than once) that Sandra, who is Senator Knight’s daughter, does not wear a disguise as Phantom Lady. She wears an abbreviated costume, but no mask on her face. In this tale Phantom Lady and the villainous Ace of Spades, wearing a sexy cowgirl outfit, meet up, and there is a showdown.

The enemy Ace of Spades is more observant than the friends and loved ones of those who hang out with Phantom Lady. In her first look at Phantom Lady the Ace of Spades thinks, “She looks enough like Senator Knight to be his daughter!” And Phantom Lady is no slouch, either...she sees through the Ace of Spade’s costume, and knows who she really is.

If only the myopic men and other characters in Phantom Lady had the power to see the obvious truth, that Sandra, sans costume, and Phantom Lady look exactly alike.

From Phantom Lady #20 (1948). Artwork attributed by the Grand Comics Database to Matt Baker.                                                                                


Daniel [] said...

This work is much cruder than what I would expect from Baker in '48.

Seven characters die, out of no more than seventeen, counting extras.

Rick said...

Perhaps no one realized that Sandra Knight and Phantom Lady were identical because no one looked at her face when she was in her costume?

Pappy said...

Rick, the thought has crossed my mind. Maybe it was in Phantom Lady's plan to give the guys some legs and some cleavage to distract them.

Pappy said...

Daniel, I should have gotten another 2 cents worth of opinion in by saying I believe the "Matt Baker" credit should have added that it was a multiple artist job by the Jerry Iger shop.