Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Number 2452: Hey, Tarzan, your wife wonders where you are

Jane and Boy are suddenly without a husband and dad when Tarzan mounts the giant eagle, Argus, and takes off for Pal-Ul-Don, another lost kingdom in Tarzan’s fantasy Africa.

Jane looks like she dressed for the occasion, perfect hair and makeup, looking plenty sexy. Tarzan appears unaware of her charms. The red bra top and slit-up-the-side sarong are indications she is aiming for his more primitive instincts.

I have been married for over 50 years. What would Mrs Pappy do if I suddenly got on the back of an eagle and flew off? Well, I’d know there would be hell to pay when I got back. I keep Mrs P apprised of my plans well in advance, and she returns the courtesy. Not so Tarzan, who is a guy with muscles and brains, but lacking in simple courtesy. My advice to you or to a guy like Tarzan: you can get away without too many brains and no muscles, just let your significant other know where you are going and when you plan to be back.

Oh, and Tarzan must have gotten the tourist map from the Pal-Ul-Don Chamber of Commerce.

Story by Gaylord Du Bois, artwork by Jesse Marsh. From Tarzan’s Jungle Annual #1, 1952.

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Daniel [] said...

Yes, it's best to keep one's partner informed, even if one is only making a quick trip to the drugstore. And anyone in a relationship characterized by a struggle for power should be gravely concerned.

I have my doubts about the physical geometry of that climactic rescue.

So often, a fictional hero travels somewhere only to discover trouble. In the case of comic books, this might happen monthly; in the case of television and radio shows, it might happen weekly. It is hard to accept this co-incidence as simply a matter of chance. One might ask whether these heroes have some subconscious sense of where trouble is to be found, but perhaps instead, as a hero begins to form a thought of visiting, the thought itself sets in motion events that cause suffering and death in the places that the hero will later visit. In other words, maybe Tarzan &alios should be told in no uncertain terms to stay the H_ll away.