Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Number 2372: She was born a coal miner’s daughter

Pat has a wonderful father, a widowed coal miner who is willing to spend his life savings to make sure Pat gets a top notch education. But in order to pull it off Pat must put on a charade; she must pretend to be wealthy, like the girls who are her classmates.

The story skips over the part about Pat having to apply to the school and be accepted. Perhaps her dad has found someone at the college to bribe, so she is admitted. Whatever happened, Pat is soon plopped into a sorority and gains an instant rival for the affections of Professor Chris Ralston. Such hanky-panky! Having some hunky guy as a teacher in a school full of rich girls seems a lot like the proverbial fox in the henhouse.

Bob Powell drew “I Was a Coalmine Cinderella” for Harvey Comics’ First Love Comics #5 (1949).

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Darci said...

This story is begging for a sequel. Did her career turn out to be Mrs. Ralston, housewife?