Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Number 2352: George Evans’s Lost World

George Evans, a superb comic book artist with an illustrator’s style, worked for a time at Fiction House, and included in his assignments “The Lost World,” which he drew in Planet Comics #50-64.

I have never tried to read the whole run of “The Lost World,” although it is one of the better series from Planet Comics. I have shown more stories from it than any other from Planet, I believe. It was popular, and probably because it had good artists working on it. George Evans is on my favorite artists list, and after Fiction House he worked for Fawcett, then went on to EC Comics. After EC went under he free-lanced, and eventually ended up drawing the Secret Agent Corrigan comic strip. Something I noticed about this Planet Comics story is it appears Evans used photographic references. If you look at the panels which feature different men in shorts, they all have the same legs. Maybe he had his wife take pictures of him posing, and then used them as reference. I am not holding it against him. It was (and perhaps still is) a common practice.

No credit for writer given by Grand Comics Database; George Evans signed the story as artist. Joe Doolin did the cover, which features the main characters, Hunt and Lyssa.

From Planet Comics #60 (1949):

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