Monday, April 09, 2018

Number 2165: London and Nightro during wartime

London was created for Charles Biro’s Daredevil #2 by Jerry Robinson, as was Nightro, drawn by George “Inky” Roussos. Both Robinson and Roussos were courted by Biro because they worked for Bob Kane. Robinson came up with London, Dick Wood and Roussos did Nightro. Biro probably thought he could get some sales spillover from some of the talent behind Batman, but no. The strips created by these two men for Biro both disappeared within a short period of time.

The no-boost-from-Batman last London strip can be seen by going to the link below today’s strips.

London’s last appearance in Daredevil #11, is here. Just click on the thumbnail.


Brian Barnes said...

Ah, trying to capture lightning in a bottle twice. They picked the wrong people, instead of associates of Kane they should have found associates of Finger!

It's amazing how they didn't lift more from Batman but instead went with another super-generic masked guy. Nightro (what an awful name) at least had a gimmick which seemed more detrimental than anything, but it was a gimmick. Batman had a super interesting costume and gadgets. There's nothing interesting about these two. I always enjoy these long lost and forgotten heroes!

Pappy said...

Brian, your note is a good intro for the documentary, Batman and Bill, now showing on Hulu. I just watched it. I am glad to see the record of what Bill Finger did finally being made public. After the viewing it brought to mind my question of how many famous people have shadow people in their retinue who do the real work, or are the real creative force, yet never get credit. In those days, after having suffered the Great Depression, a lot of people probably felt lucky to have a job, whether they got credit or not.

The shame is that Finger let the illusion of Kane being sole creator go on.

Brian Barnes said...

Second that, Batman and Bill is a good doc for comic lovers!