Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Number 2166: “Of kissing and killing”

I like early issues of American Comics Group’s Lovelorn when they featured interesting locations. The bulk of traditional love comics stories are more contemporary, along the lines of “I Stole My Sister’s Boyfriends,” or “My Sister Stole My Boyfriends,” but this issue of Lovelorn sets a story, “Sweetheart of a Slave,” in 18th century Barbados. A young woman who manipulates men falls for Barbados’s governor. The governor is ruthless with slaves. Our heroine falls for one of the bond-slaves, who becomes something of a Nat Turner or Spartacus, the leader of a slave rebellion.

Unfortunately, the Grand Comics Database doesn’t list a writer or artist.

Lovelorn later had a title change to Confessions of the Lovelorn, looking more like the common romance titles with weepy-eyed girls on the covers, and lasted until 1959, finally dropped in favor of ACG’s better selling supernatural titles.

Here is another early story with a non-traditional locale, also from Lovelorn. Just click on the thumbnail.

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Brian Barnes said...

13 pages! And each just overflowing with text! Did somebody just illustrate some unpublished dime-store romance book?