Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Number 1303: More Wild West Woody

I promised this to reader Darci back in November. It's another of the Western tales Wally Wood did for Western Crime Busters. This is from issue #9 (1952). It's the first of two stories he did for that issue. Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr. attributes the art on “Tex Gordon” to Wood and Joe Orlando.

Schoolmarm Kathy Butte (who is a beaut, all right), dresses provocatively for the time. Wood and Orlando miss no opportunity to have her show some leg, even when nobody's looking (page 4 panel 5). Tex is a fast worker. He admits it. When Kathy asks, "Who’s the fastest, Tex?” He says he is, then demonstrates. Between the next to last panel and the last he’s got Kathy’s dress down off her shoulder and is moving in for more. Yeeeee-haw!

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Darci said...

Thanks for showing us another one of Woody's stories. This isn't quite the gem "Gunsmoke Gold Strike" was, but seeing Tex Gordon put his moves on the schoolmarm was fun.
Keep up the good work!