Monday, February 21, 2011

Number 900

Watts this? Sparky Watts hits the hay with Hitler!

Part 2 of Sparky Watts #1 from 1942 finds Sparky deep in Germany and deep in trouble. You know you're in trouble when you wake up in the morning and the face you see next to you on the pillow is Adolf Hitler.

See yesterday's posting for the first part of the story, and more about Sparky Watts.

On Wednesday I'll show you the Skyman strip by Ogden Whitney from this comic book, and on Friday we'll wrap it up with The Face by Mart Bailey. Columbia Comics, which published Big Shot Comics, Sparky Watts, The Face and Skyman, had a trio of winners with those characters, at least for the better part of the 1940s, because they were all gone by 1950.


cartoonjoe said...

Okzy, I just gotta say this:


Pappy said...

Hey, I get it, man...Ha-ha! "Sparky"...sister is "hot"...wish I'd thought of that first. Thanks, cartoonjoe.

Jiveass said...

How about Mussolini for a threesome?

Pappy said...

Jiveass, you are a sick person.

rnigma said...

When Sparky is shown in profile, his glasses look like they're painted on his face, like the comedian Bobby Clark.

And Rogers' women all seem to have such well-rounded... posteriors... Boody loved the booty!