Monday, February 14, 2011

Number 896

"I won't let you steal my man! Not without a fight!"

Says Kaye, the heroine of "Flames of Fury," as she watches her fiancé, Ronny, fall for the sultry seductress, Gloria. Not on Valentine's Day, anyway.

Ronny and Kaye have made a name for themselves doing a dance called "Country Capers" which gives us some unexpectedly hilarious panels at the anonymous artist's interpretation of the dance.

The other thing I notice about this story from 1951's Love Confessions #13 is the cover. I like the model showing off her prominent...teeth. I also noticed the term "heart rendering" in the cover copy when they meant heart rending. It's a fairly common mistake that an editor should have caught.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody. On this February 14 put your hands on your monitor and feel the warmth of my love for Pappy's readers.

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Diegogue said...

excellent comic for valentine's day