Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Number 897

Maneely's Black Knight

In January we showed a couple of Atlas war stories drawn by Joe Maneely. Now we've got a couple of stories by Maneely set in the days of King Arthur. The Black Knight lasted just five issues. It was published after the institution of the Comics Code in early '55, but like a lot of attempts to publish comic books that would sell without horror, violence or sex--for sure without horror, and featuring a more camouflaged sex and violence--it didn't last.

The Black Knight was all Maneely for the first three issues, which is why I snapped up this issue at an antiques fair. These are the first two stories of the four from the issue. Three stories in the issue feature the Black Knight, one features The Crusader. I'm aware the Black Knight was revived in the '60s, but our interest here is in Joe Maneely's original mid-1950's version.

From Black Knight #3:


Chuck Wells said...

Easily one of Timely's best books from the 1950's.

What Maneely would have added to the Marvel Comics of the 1960's is anybodys guess, but it would have been nice to have him around for their heyday a decade later. I can't believe this didn't sell better!

Pappy said...

Chuck, I love the Maneely artwork in this comic, but maybe it didn't reach a large enough audience. Wasn't Martin Goodman quick to cancel if a book's numbers dropped? There was always something to replace it.

Ed said...

Great stuff- thanks for posting. Especially fun to see in light of drooling over Fantagraphic Prince Valiant vol. 3.
But I'm intrigued by "the Crusader". Would love to see Crusader story posted next!

Shannon Smith said...

Wow. All I've ever seen from that before were the covers. Just imagine that guy on Doctor Strange. Wow.

Mykal said...

Jeez, Maneely's stuff is beautiful. His brushwork always looks so confident and loose. It' s shame he didn't do more. Thanks for sharing this, Pappy.