Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Number 276

At Midnight all cats are gray…

Midnight, a Spirit lookalike, was drawn by artist Paul Gustavson. This particular story was published in Quality's Smash Comics #46, September 1943.

As much as I admire Gustavson's style, I wonder where the editor was when he turned in his artwork. He should've handed him a book on animals and said, "This is a cat. Draw it like this." I think cats in Warner Bros cartoons look more realistic than Gustavson's.

The cover, with a cat that looks like a cat, is by Alex Kotzky, who later went on to draw the successful syndicated comic strip, Apartment 3-G.


Karswell said...

I wonder what would happen if this guy and The Spirit ever crossed paths?

Chuck Wells said...

I think that Squeeks could probably take Ebony White, but Denny Colt would definitely punch Midnight's clock.