Monday, February 25, 2008

Number 266


"Hordes Of The Immortal Emperor" is from Wonder Comics #16. I've posted stories from this issue before in Pappy's #158 and Pappy's #166.

Someone needs to collect all of the Wonderman stories. We're seeing part of a longer continuity, and what a continuity! A city, Pyropolis, on the sun! A villain named Dr. Voodoo! An "immortal emperor" (page 3) who looks like a smiley face caught in a vise! This is pretty crazy stuff, very entertaining.

The Grand Comics Database has mistakenly listed the contents of this issue, #16, under #15. It also lists the artist of Wonderman as Bob Oksner. Even Oksner's wonderful art doesn't detract from this being a screwball comic classic.

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Chuck Wells said...

I've actually read this story before, Pappy, but that doesn't prevent me from enjoying it all over again.

I must admit that it WOULD be nice to know just what the heck was going on with the design of the Immortal Emperor.

I find it hard to accept Oksner as the artist of this feature also, but that's as far as I can tell.