Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Number 204

The rope-a-dopes

"Noose For A Magician" is from  Beyond #15 (1952). Art is by Lou Cameron, and the Grand Comics Database guesses Rocke Mastroserio for inks.

The main character follows Pappy's First Law of Horror Comics: "The main character shall be as unpleasant and unredeemable as possible." Our little horror story from Beyond uses the legendary Indian rope trick as its hook. Here's a two-page text story from the Story of Magic issue of Classics Illustrated The World Around Us to tell you about the Indian rope trick. Click on the pictures for full-size images. For those of you not wanting to wade through the text, here's the short course: the Indian rope trick, as it's known in legend, doesn't exist.

Something I like about Ace, publisher of Beyond: the coloring. They had an interesting way of laying whole colors over panels. It's very attractive.

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