Friday, November 17, 2006

Number 54

Frankenstein Friday: Silas Grunch Gets His

This is the first story from Frankenstein Comics #7, May-June, 1947.The thing that strikes me the most when looking at this story is how hurried the artwork looks. It doesn't have the careful penciling and inking that characterized the earlier Frankenstein stories.

Briefer gives credit in the final panel to Ed Goggin for helping with these tales.

The story of an old miser who hates kids and gets his just due in the end sure wasn't new when this story was published. I think it was the basis for several movies, even some Our Gang short comedies. It was something of a plot staple in those days. Its literary antecedents can be found in A Christmas Carol and Silas Marner. Misers have always been popular to hate.

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