Friday, July 28, 2006

Number 2

Mother of Murderers

I want to thank Dr. Fredric Wertham for his 1954 book, Seduction of the Innocent, which introduced me to crime and horror comics. Thanks, Fred! Without your book seducing me, I don't think I would have searched out those sleazy old comic books. Herr Doktor, you turned straw into gold when you put out that book.

Today's edition of Pappy's Golden Age Comics reproduces a classic story from Crime Does Not Pay #49, January 1947, by another Fred, artist Fred Guardineer. Guardineer was a Golden Age Comics pioneer…literally one of the first artist-stars of the early comic books. He retired in 1955 from comic books, but his old work still commands admiration from old-time comics fans. He had a great line style, very bold inking, with uncluttered designs and solid drawing. I have a copy of the fanzine Graphic Story World #2, from 1972, with a short article and photo of Fred. By the early '70s Fred Guardineer was drawing outdoor life pages for a paper called The Long Island Fisherman. He died in 2002.
This story, Mother of Murderers, is classic Crime Does Not Pay material. That comic book earned its reputation with stories like this, and Fred Guardineer didn't disappoint. Lots of gunplay, killings, all of the real fun stuff about crime comic books. 

As a bonus, and I'll include these from time to time, is a classic ad from that same issue of Crime Does Not Pay. This is the infamous Kiss Me In the Dark, Baby tie.

 I could never figure out how a guy wearing a tie that said Kiss Me in the Dark, Baby could actually get a girl in the dark so he could kiss her. If this worked for you let me know. I'm always looking for tips on how to get girls. Even a stud-muffin can use a new approach from time to time.

Until next time, stay happy! Pappy

*I'm only kidding, here. I do not want you sending your parole officer to my house to tell me to quit seducing the innocent.

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